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About Opening Film: Enclave

Opening Film

Serbia’s nomination for best foreign-language Oscar turns clichés about the bitter civil war in Yugoslavia on their head.

Focused on a tiny Serb community living in a UN-protected enclave in Muslim Kosovo, Enclave – Goran Radovanovic’s second feature – looks at the legacy of ethnic cleansing and internecine conflict through the eyes of a small boy, Nenad.

Every day Nenad is taken to school from his father’s farm in a KFOR armored car to study alone in a school with no other pupils. Like any other boy of his age, all Nenad wants are some friends his own age. Each day, through narrow observation slits in the military vehicle he sees two Albanian boys and a shepherd boy – who has lost his father in the war and hates Serbs.

The film won an audience award last June after a competition screening at the Moscow International Film Festival.

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