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About Opening Film: RAUF

Opening Film

RAUF is the story of searching under the shade of a war and tough nature conditions , at the age of 11, Rauf finds himself in a big platonic love, in an effort to delight the girl whom he love in a world which loses the colour even in the daylight. Pink is the hue of our story, loves that are dreamed to be experienced, sleeps that are waken up with tranquality, fraternity and amity. Therefore, Rauf seeks ‘pink’ everywhere.

Dignitaries Message

Nandkishor Kagliwal (Chairman)


The Aurangabad International Film Festival is back again this year in its second edition.The first edition of AIFF was extremely well received giving us…Read More


Dr Jabbar Patel (Festival Director)


Since the inception of the Aurngabad International Film Festival (AIFF) one year ago, we have made sure to offer a unique experience to all those who are a part of this festival. We are proud…Read More


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