Download AIFF Delegates Registration Form
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Delegate Reg.

Application form:

  • Applicant must fill all the details mentioned in the form.
  • Applicant must submit 2 photographs along with the form.
  • If he/ she are a member of any organization, please select the category.

At Registration Centre: Centre:

  • Applicant must submit the application form for the delegate registration
  • Authorized person will check the details provided by the applicant and will verify that the applicant is completing 18 years on 3rd February 2017 through the Authorized documents (Like Pan Card, Driving license, Passport, Birth Certificate or any valid Govt. documents.
  • After the verification authorized person will collect the Catalogue fee and the receipt will be issue in the name of Applicant.
  • With the receipt the authorized person will make a delegate card for the applicant.
  • On the delegate card the authorized person will stick the photograph of the applicant and write the name and the receipt number as well as on the application form. (The receipt number should be the same as on delegate card and application form)

Distribution of Catalogue:

  • The delegate can collect the catalogue and schedule after showing the delegate card. The authorized person will stamp behind the delegate card “Catalogue Issued”.

Free Delegates:

  • The festival committee will invite some Special guest, Festival Guest, VIP and media.
  • For the media accreditation, the festival committee will send one official letter to the editor of all the print and electronic media to give the names of the reporters and the Photographers on their letter head along with the photographs. The authorized person of the publication will nominate the representatives to cover the festival.
  • The media coordinator will make all this cards in advance and personally deliver to the respective publications.
  • For all the top government officials, AIFF office will prepare the invitee card and deliver to the respective office.
  • All the VIP guest, Special Invitees, organizing committee, volunteer and the representatives of the films, AIFF office will prepare the cards for the distribution from Festival Office.