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Dr. Jabbar Patel

Since the inception of the Aurngabad International Film Festival (AIFF) one year ago, we have made sure to offer a unique experience to all those who are a part of this festival.

We are proud of the fact that AIFF as a festival is able to distinguish itself and stand out as a favorite amongst filmmakers and delegates alike.

The festival is a great opportunity for film enthusiasts and filmmakers to interact with each other and enrich one another with their thoughts, ideas and stories. The world always has its share of problems, but a world where people watch films and continue to love cinema is a world where there is always hope for the future.

At the Aurangabad International Film Festival and Pune International Film Festival this year we remember two events that shook the world – 2014 saw the centenary of the First World War and it has also been 25 years since the fall of the Berlin wall.

These two events were vastly different in nature – one left a deadly trail of death and destruction in its wake and the other brought people together. However, both have something in common – they gave rise to an enormous amount of literature and art. It is through such creative endeavours that humans try to comprehend the world around them and build bridges with people. If human beings try to love each other instead of fighting each other, the world will be a much better place. Cinema is one such medium that makes it possible to encompass the entire humanity, to tell stories about humankind and to thus spread a message of universal peace, love and tolerance. Being a technology-driven medium, Cinema also shows how modern technology and innovation can bring people together in a kindred spirit. We would like to encourage all our participants to make connections with people all over the world through this magical medium we all love!

On behalf of team AIFF, I welcome you to the 2nd edition of the festival and do hope that you enjoy yourself as much as we have in presenting this festival to you.

Dr. Jabbar Patel

Festival Director