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Nandkishor Kagliwal

The Aurangabad International Film Festival is back again this year in its second edition. The first edition of AIFF was extremely well received giving us the motivation and determination to bring a bigger and better festival to you.

The present chapter of the event offers an opportunity to the film lovers and film buffs to see a bouquet of 32 critically acclaimed films from all over the world. Cinema as a mass communication medium has power to touch the
very emotions of viewers through its gripping stories, wonderful acting and effective storytelling.

The AIFF is a great opportunity for the people of Aurangabad to be exposed to the best in films from all across the globe. The people of Aurangabad who belong to a historic city replete with culture will embrace this festival
and the films on offer this year as well.

Our heartfelt thanks to Pune Film Foundation and particularly to Dr. Jabbar Patel, Festival Director for its spontaneous support.

We aim to make AIFF one of the biggest International Film Festivals to reckon with; together with your help and support it is surely possible in the near future. I fervently hope that the festival will keep growing from strength to strength and it shall emerge as inseparable part of Aurangabad’s socio-cultural milieu.

Nandkishor Kagliwal